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Mississippi Calling – January 26-30, 2010

Mississippi Calling

Mississippi / Choctaw: The Father of Waters

Father actually wrote His name over this state. We believe the purpose of Mississippi has always been to release to the nations of the earth the sound of the Father's Heart.

Mississippi has an intercessory mandate to call for fathers to arise, come forth, and take their rightful place.

Eddie James forebearers were slaves in Mississippi we believe that he is among the first fruits of the DNA of Mississippi rising to release the sound of Father's heart.

We also believe because of the eternal mandate upon this state to release the sound of Father's heart, Mississippi will be the first state in the Union to be abortion-free.

The voice of the Lord is upon the waters, the sound of awakening is resounding throughout the Mississippi Valley "Valley of the Father"¬

Mississippi and Louisiana, both strategically placed at the mouth of the Mississippi River Valley, which runs through the heart of the nation, have been given joint responsibility to steward the Governmental Sound of the Father throughout the nations of the earth.

A silver trumpet is made of two pieces: the mouthpiece (Minnesota), and the bell (Mississippi and Louisiana). Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, and all points in between have begun to function as a unit in the heart of America.

Arise, Mississippi, Arise! Take your place, and call fathers to walk in the fullness of their destiny!

The Visitation

Mississippi Mercy Prayer Journey, Winterville Indian Mounds, Greenville, MS, Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the midst of worship, Ruthie Young related that the name of Mississippi meant "Father". She may have said "Father of waters," but all James heard was "Father", and in a moment's time he saw the redemptive gift and eternal purpose that was written over the state of Mississippi.

Father actually wrote His name over this state. The purpose of Mississippi has always been to release to the nations of the earth the sound of the Father's Heart.

The enemy came in early in Mississippi's history to twist the sound the state made to prevent Mississippi from releasing the sound she was destined to make. Mississippi and Louisiana, both strategically placed at the mouth of the Mississippi River Valley (the Valley of the Father), which runs through the heart of the nation, have been given joint responsibility to steward the Governmental Sound of the Father throughout the nations of the earth.

We believe Mississippi has an intercessory mandate to call for fathers to arise, come forth, and take their rightful place.

We came to realize that the Mississippi Mercy Prayer (the Father of waters of mercy) Journey had come full circle in the Mississippi Calling (the Father of waters is calling) Journey.

The Assignment

The amount of poets, artists, writers, and musicians that Mississippi has produced is phenomenal, and the assignment of artists in the earth, in the purest expression, has always been to honor the Father of Glory with their gift by writing, singing, and releasing an image of who He is. Through the ages, the enemy has always sought to capture and twist their gifts for his own intent.

Day 1 • January 26, 2010


We believe that the DNA of Tupelo is that of a sound portal to release the sound of righteousness, glory, and honor to the Father. Born into this portal in 1936 was a young man named Elvis Aaron Presley, who sang his first song in church at the age of nine.

One of the saddest things we heard on this prayer journey was the account of an Assembly of God minister in Memphis. When asked by a group of young ministers what his greatest regret was, he said that a young man came into his office and played his music for him, but the minister's response was that "the music was good, but you can't play that in church." His greatest regret was that he didn't have the understanding to recognize the new sound, or how to father it if he had.

Elvis' calling was so strong that even after he would perform his concerts, he would spend the rest of the night singing hymns and songs of worship to the Lord, which we believe was his original mandate.

We believe that our purpose for gathering at the Elvis birthplace in Tupelo was to release the sound of the psalmists from Mississippi to call fathers into position throughout the nation to shift the sound that has been over our land. It was amazing as we had prayed for a long season, to notice how the group had shifted in position, even in the natural. There were two young worshippers there from the city of Tupelo. As James asked if one sang, he said that he didn't, but James said, "Yes you do. Close your eyes and sing what you see." We were all amazed by the beautiful sound that came forth from that young man.

This was the first place that we released the sound of the Native American apology that is now law in these United States of America. That apology has shifted everything, both in the civil realm and the spiritual realm, and we would like to thank those whose tireless effort has brought this country to this new position. That apology was the legal ground this journey was able to stand upon and function from.

Evening - Good News Church, tupelo - Pastors Terry and Dory Garrett

It was easy to worship with the young worshippers at Good News Church that evening. We stepped into a prophetic dimension from the very beginning. We were so blessed to have representation from Memphis attend that meeting, and we discovered that there were 72 hours of simultaneous worship and intercession, which hadn't been coordinated by us, currently going on in Northwest Mississippi, including the Memphis, TN region.

We again read the Native American apology and divorced Baal, Jezebel, and Leviathan at the meeting that evening. A prophetic word came forth that because of these meetings, the water level in artesian wells would rise in the Mississippi Delta region. It was brought to our attention that there was a battle between Tennessee and Mississippi over the underground aquifer and its use between the states.

One of our last acts of the evening was for the pastors of Mississippi to gather behind Memphis pastor Ken Toney. In the same way Elvis had moved from Tupelo to Memphis, Mississippi blessed Memphis with grace to be fully released into the new sounds of the Kingdom on earth in this hour, and we called for the psalmists to come forth.

Day 2 • January 27, 2010

Afternoon - "THE SINGING RIVER", Pascagoula 

As we presented ourselves before the Lord beside the bank of the Pascagoula River, known as the Singing River, we sang to the Lord there as we basked in the warmth of the sun. Legend has it that rather than be enslaved or slaughtered by a rival tribe, the Pascagoula Indians sang as they walked into the river and drowned themselves. As we pondered this thought, three different intercessors noted that their forefathers in the region had committed suicide, so it was well apparent that the sound of hopelessness and death had hung over the region.

Those intercessors, whose families had been ravaged by this sound, began to take authority over those spirits that had assailed their families. The power of God became so strong as they were praying that they fell into each other's arms so they could continue to stand. That intercession led us to pray concerning the sound of death that has hung over our nation. We then gathered close together, and released the sound of the 50 million. We released the Blood judgments over the works of every spirit that had gained power through the blood on the land, and we knelt down and blessed the land and released the lightnings of God to impart life into it (Ruthie related to us that as lightning strikes the ground, it releases the nutrients in the land, which actually helps in fertilization and releases new life in the earth).

We then turned upriver and proclaimed Psalm 29, and began to sing our decrees and reorder the sound of the future for Mississippi and our nation from the Singing River.

We were all astounded by the resound of the sound through the valley.

Evening - Gulf Coast Community Church, Gulfport – Pastors Bill and Nancy Sleger

The move of God that is upon us is a move of honor. As we pulled into the parking lot of the church, a license plate in front of us read Aglow 1. We honored, as we have done throughout the entire journey, those who had gone before us. We believe one of the most important principles one of our spiritual fathers, Jim Chosa, has taught us is to, on purpose and with understanding link the intercessory gathering that you're in with every other blood-bought prayer meeting that has ever been presented before the throne of God. By so doing, you are sitting atop a tsunami of intercession, whether your prayer meeting be of two, two hundred, or two thousand. We bless Aglow for the countless hours they have spent in intercession preparing this nation for the glory of the Lord to be fully manifested.

The state of Minnesota has always been so supportive of every prayer initiative to which we have been called. After she heard us speak of our love for Minnesota, a royal representative of Aglow named Glenda Fleming related that Mississippi had made covenant with Minnesota years ago at an Aglow gathering. No wonder there had been a free flow between these two states, and we saw that a silver trumpet is made of two pieces: the mouthpiece (Minnesota), and the bell (Mississippi and Louisiana). Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, and all points in between have begun to function as a unit in the heart of America.

The climatic moment of the evening, however, was when this seasoned warrior was asked to make decrees dislodging Jezebel from the Gulf Coast. She stepped into a place in the Spirit in her declarations and decrees that gripped us all and shook the coast.

Day 3 • January 28, 2010

Afternoon - Rolling Fork: Marian Neill's home place, Former Jewish Synagogue, Mont Helena

The surprises of the Lord are tremendous, and a bathroom break can turn into glory (any who have been on prayer journeys know how precious timely bathroom breaks are - thank God for sensitive leaders). This bathroom break at Marian Neill's home place turned into much more than anticipated. As we were about to leave, almost as an afterthought, we felt the need to pray for Marian's home place, and then it was revealed that her forefathers had strong ties to Freemasonry, and from there the meeting was on! The old home place will never be the same as the shofars rang.

Our next stop in Rolling Fork was at the former synagogue where Mildred Bean's great grandparents used to worship. Mississippi has strong ties and a good heart towards Israel, and we felt it important to resound up the Jewish Corridor to St. Louis for great light and mercy to rain over the Jewish people. We blessed them in the name of the Lord. We read Mississippi's proclamation blessing Israel that was read in the State House of Representatives commemorating Israel's 60th anniversary.

Mont Helena - this was an amazing picture of the history of our land. The early Native American mound-builders were known as Mississippians. They were known to capture and enslave other tribes to build their mounds. They were known to worship the sun from the tops of certain mounds. They committed human sacrifice and gambled on sporting events for pleasure. This culture existed for almost 1,000 years.

America, which is just a little over 200 years old, built on this foundation. We did not do Jeremiah 1:10, to root out, pull down, overthrow, and destroy beforewe built and planted, so the seeds of this ancient culture have now come up and grown full bloom in American society: idolatry, slavery, human sacrifice (abortion and euthanasia), and gambling. At this site, the southern mansion built atop this ancient mound with trees growing from the mound and towering over the mansion represent a very clear picture of the struggle in which we have been engaged.

As we gathered on top of the mound in front of the mansion, we repented layer by layer, line upon line, for the abominations and idolatrous commotion this site represented. We divorced Baal, Jezebel, and Leviathan, we read the Native American apology, and we repented for the feudal system of slavery that this site represented.

As we looked at the large Greek columns that adorned the porch of the mansion, we felt it represented the Greco-Roman mindset that has ensnared our culture and the church. We then formed a covenant column, with the sounding of the shofar going before us. We ascended the stairs into the bowels of the mansion, asking for the sound and glory of the Father to invade every Greco-Roman structure in the nation. From there we worshipped and interceded for Mississippi. A prophetic proclamation came forth that the muddy waters would cease and the river would become clear from this time forth. We were astounded the next morning to read a word from Chuck Pierce that was an exact resound of this word.

The last prayer in that mansion was that the mansion would become a house of prayer in the Delta area.

Evening - Living Waters Church, Vicksburg – Pastors Doyle and Christine Moulder

We didn't realize until talking with each other later our time at Mont Helena had been so stressful and tiring from the spiritual warfare. When we arrived at Living Waters Church later that evening, we were all worn to a frazzle.

As we came in, we just wanted to sit and rest, but when the worship started, these young musicians began to sing back to us the decrees that we had been making the past three days. We had known full well that the name of each church in which we held the evening meetings was very important, but this night it all came home, and drink Living Water we did. Fire fell on James that night as he ministered the purpose of the assignment.

The pastor reported the next day that many from the church had gathered in his home and had stayed up until after midnight and recounted what had transpired that evening. What we heard from Vicksburg was a sound of young musicians who were prophetically hearing and moving with the heartbeat of the Father, the same as we heard in Tupelo two nights before.

Day 4 • January 29, 2010

Morning - Illinois Monument, Vicksburg National Military Park, Vicksburg

On Tuesday, May 13, 2009, we had one of the most outstanding experiences of our lives inside the Illinois Monument at the Vicksburg National Military Park. Martha Lucia had wanted to pray at that site for over two years, and by the good Hand of the Lord, there was a divine convergence as Martha Lucia joined with the Mississippi Mercy team and we struck the ground together. It's well known that Freemasons have long dedicated sites of historical significance to their abominable occultic purposes. As we released our sound and song inside that memorial for three hours, Heaven came down. We couldn't wait to revisit this site.

What we hadn't experienced when we were at Vicksburg last May was the sound of the 50 million the Lord began to release upriver in Quincy farther along in the journey. Sohere we were, full circle, releasing the sound of Mississippi Mercy inside the Illinois Memorial once again. As we entered the monument that Friday morning, we entered in the midst of a torrential rainstorm. The monument is built after the Roman Pantheon, and rain was pouring through the 12-foot oculus at the top.

There aren't words enough to describe what transpired in sound as we raised our voices in worship. Vicksburg has always had a significant strategic destiny. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was known to have said, "Vicksburg is the key that will unlock the South. I want that key in my pocket." After a long season of worship, James asked what people were seeing, and Ruthie Young exploded. She had reached into her pocket and pulled out a key that she had no idea was there and had been given to her by intercessors some time ago. At the same time, her husband, Billy Joe, pulled out of his pocket an old, huge skeleton key. The Lord had truly locked up death and released a crystal sound from Vicksburg. It was later that day that we read the word from Chuck Pierce that the Lord had removed restraints, blockades, and bitterness from the past. How apropos for the city we were standing in.

As Mildred Bean released the sound of the silver trumpet, the Lord answered with a Holy echo in return.

The Lord led us into a wonderful season of proclaiming Psalm 148-150 as Roger and Charlotte Merschbrock, the State Coordinators of Louisiana, and Billy Joe and Ruthie Young led us in the triumphant resound of these verses. The Spirit fell so heavy upon them they could hardly maintain their composure. As a matter of fact, Roger couldn't.

We came to a place where Isaiah 22:15-25 came to the forefront, and we made powerful decrees concerning the Shebnas and Eliakims in the earth today. Roger Merschbrock shared how prior to the last election in Louisiana they had gathered in the capitol building in Baton Rouge and made decrees and declarations that the Shebnas (referring to the government leaders doing their own thing) would either turn and line up for righteousness or they would be replaced. They also called for the Eliakims to come forth. We felt the unction of the Spirit to do this not only for Mississippi, but also for our nation as we come into both the State and National elections later this year.

We thought nothing could top the experience we had had last May in Vicksburg, but the Lord did it again. As we sealed these moments with communion, the Lord, as only He could do, added His exclamation with loud, rolling thunder that lasted a long, long while. Bless His Holy Name; He's perfect in His punctuation.

Evening - New Dimensions Church, Jackson - Pastors Thomas and Rose Jenkins

Once again, we knew the importance of the name of the church in which we had gathered. During worship, Jonathan Moore began to sing a song he had received the day before. We hadn't communicated, but the chorus of the song was based on the last verse of Psalm 29, which we had been proclaiming for three days: "The Lord will give strength unto His people. The Lord will bless His people with peace." The chorus of the song spoke perfectly to what our assignment had been. The name of this song was "Father of Waters" - the meaning of the word Mississippi.

As the evening progressed, James stopped and said that there was a sound he was looking for, and asked a few young African-Americans if they sang. Then he looked at Pastor Thomas Jenkins and said, "Are you the one?" The one he was! As Thomas sang, "Holy, Holy, Holy" he kept ascending in Holy Spirit. He then came down from the platform as though he was finished, but then he began to wail. The sound that he released was a sound that had been pent up in Mississippi for a long, long time. And what a release that sound brought. Everything shifted, and Thomas and James resounded back and forth in wailing intercession.

James had been instructed to gather ten bowling pins before the journey began. The ten kingpins had a red cord tied around the neck of each one. Billy Joe strategically placed leaders from around the state at the end of the red Blood line, and at James' command, the leaders of Mississippi, together as one man, through the power of the Blood and prophetic action and decree, pulled the kingpins down that had been ruling the land, and in their place, prophetically set in position and Holy array righteous leaders, mature in the love of the Father. Mississippi is rising in new stature as a state and will fulfill her prophetic destiny releasing the sound of the fathers throughout the nation.

In closing Friday evening, Billy Joe related the experience he had had the night before in Vicksburg as the Lord revealed to him just how He loved to serve and prepare a table for His children in the presence of their enemies. There was an anointing that filled the room at that moment, and something between James and his son so special happened as they fell into each other's arms and embraced for a long, long time. The new dimensions of Father's love were overwhelming

Day 5 • January 30, 2010

Morning - New Dimensions Church, Jackson

We began Saturday morning by honoring the mothers of Mississippi, as Betty Bradley read Psalm 30. The sound of her voice set the tone in the heavenlies for the morning, and Carolyn Webb, because of physical difficulty in the last season, had laid her sword down. But as she stood there this day, she made the declaration and decree that her sword was in her hand again, and we made proclamations that the warriors of Mississippi would arise and finish strong as Mildred Bean released the sound of the shofar. As we began to sing "Holy, Holy, Holy", weeping filled the room. The whole morning was a morning of many joyous tears.

During the night, the Lord had spoken to both James and Billy Joe as they had divorced Baal throughout the state, they needed to divorce Baal in this capital city of Jackson. After divorcing Baal, they called Shirley Berg, a Choctaw mother of Zion, to the front, and, with tears, Ruthie Young read the proclamation to Shirley. Shirley herself was deeply moved by the reading of this proclamation. After the reading, Shirley began to release a native sound to the north, and made prophetic decrees over the land of Mississippi. At this point, Mildred Bean presented Shirley an d her daughter with a shofar.

A young African-American woman from Jackson shared with us about a monument on the corner of President and Mississippi Streets that contained over 50 million pennies - one for each baby that had been aborted since 1973. Mississippi has only one abortion clinic left in the entire state. As everyone gathered close together, we released the sound of the 50 million once again, and then Shirley Berg began to decree that the sound of the innocent blood was being pulled out of the state of Mississippi, and declared that Mississippi will be the first state in the Union to be abortion-free.

Arise, Mississippi, Arise! Take your place, and call fathers to walk in their destiny!

report written by James Nesbit

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