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Worship Insights

"If we can change the way that the church understands music and worship, we will change the way that humanity experiences God." 
– Ray Hughes

"If we hope to move forward in complete victory, we must transform our minds to think the way God thinks.  We must adopt His thoughts for today rather than our own.  One of the greatest wars will take place on the battlefield of the mind...For every process of moving into a new dimension, change is necessary. Mindsets have to be altered. Old patterns must make way for new ones.  Ultimately, we must think differently."         
– Chuck D. Pierce

New Era Worship

We have entered an era of an awakened people who know and worship the Living God, Who is alive, moving, and doing marvelous deeds in the midst of His people.  Yes, we have truly crossed over into the Era of His Presence, as the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Click the image to the left to watch a short video describing this era. This video is 2:45.

Riding the Wave

In this short video, James discusses "Riding the wave", the wave of the Spirit that is a hallmark of Neos Era worship.

Click the image to the left to view this short video.  This video is 6:29.

The Page Has Turned

A page has turned in the history of God's people in the earth.  This video briefly explains the language changes that have come as a result of our crossing over into a new era.

Click the image to the left to view this short video.  This video is 2:29.

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