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51 Days of Fire: 40 Days over DC – October 3-November 11, 2011; 11 Days in Philadelphia – November 12-22, 2011

Through the years, I have participated in several strategic prayer initiatives in Washington DC.  In September 2008, while on one such assignment, our team met in Philadelphia, the foundational city of government in our nation.  We met there and prayed, and then journeyed to the city of Washington DC.  It was a momentous occasion indeed; the day after our journey ended, Lehman Brothers fell.  We never fully realize all that Father does on a prayer journey or strategic assignment, our responsibility is to simply be obedient to what He shows us to do.  

 Another significant moment in Washington DC was in March 2010, as I joined prayer leaders from around the nation.  On that assignment, I heard very clearly within me, “This city needs a siege laid to it.” The next words I heard after this were from a man standing next to me, who turned and said to me, “This city needs a siege laid to it.”  Not that there haven’t been many faithful people praying and intercessory assignments successfully executed in the city, I am fully confident there have been.  As a matter of fact, each step of obedience leads to another, and leads to the unfolding of Father’s heart and the advancement of the Kingdom in the earth.  That brings us to the name “DC40” or “40 Days Over DC”.  They are one and the same.  

 When I first received revelation concerning this forty day assignment, I had no intention of staying away from home for any longer than that.  However, while ministering in Vincennes, IN, earlier this year, the worship leader began singing, “This is the year we return to Philadelphia.”  As he sang those words, the Spirit of the Lord washed over my being, and I knew that He was saying to me, “This is the year you return to Philadelphia in prayer.”  

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Mississippi Calling – January 26-30, 2010

Mississippi / Choctaw: The Father of Waters

Father actually wrote His name over this state. We believe the purpose of Mississippi has always been to release to the nations of the earth the sound of the Father's Heart.

Mississippi has an intercessory mandate to call for fathers to arise, come forth, and take their rightful place.

Eddie James forebearers were slaves in Mississippi we believe that he is among the first fruits of the DNA of Mississippi rising to release the sound of Father's heart.

We also believe because of the eternal mandate upon this state to release the sound of Father's heart, Mississippi will be the first state in the Union to be abortion-free.

The voice of the Lord is upon the waters, the sound of awakening is resounding throughout the Mississippi Valley "Valley of the Father"¬

Mississippi and Louisiana, both strategically placed at the mouth of the Mississippi River Valley, which runs through the heart of the nation, have been given joint responsibility to steward the Governmental Sound of the Father throughout the nations of the earth.

A silver trumpet is made of two pieces: the mouthpiece (Minnesota), and the bell (Mississippi and Louisiana). Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, and all points in between have begun to function as a unit in the heart of America.

Arise, Mississippi, Arise! Take your place, and call fathers to walk in the fullness of their destiny!

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New Madrid Mercy – October 5-7, 2009

July 28, 2009

An intercessor in Southern Illinois had a dream in which the Lord said to him, ”Unless the church is AWAKE the earth will quake.” He then revealed to him three key cities concerning the quake. Each city had a name over it Memphis, TN “The Star Gate”, St. Louis, MO, “The Sound Gate”, and Chicago, IL “The Water Gate”.

On July 28 we had mobilized teams in six cities: Indianola, MS, Memphis, TN, Europa, MO, St. Louis, MO, Indianola, IL, and Chicago, IL to pray in unison concerning this dream and John’s vision.

We felt this was the initial stake in the ground with a journey from Europa, MO to Indianola, IL to soon follow.


We felt the Lord said if we triggered a 10.2 earthquake in the spirit we wouldn’t have to experience one in the natural.

Sallye Burton, respected prayer leader from Indiana had a dream in which she saw a massive earthquake with much death and destruction and Satan bent over laughing. She then heard a loud voice say, “No, this will not be, my intercessors are praying.”

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