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New Madrid Mercy – October 5-7, 2009

Mississippi Mercy- May 11-22, 2009

On May 11-22, 2009, we led a team of intercessors from New Orleans to the Canadian border asking for mercy over the heart of America. Hundreds of intercessors joined, met, and supported us in this effort.

When I returned home after spending twelve days crying out for Mercy for our nation someone sent me an email with Sid Roth interviewing John Kilpatrick concerning the vision he had.

I began to be deeply burdened, if ever there was a region that would need mercy, it would be this New Madrid region in the heart of America.

I believe the Lord is looking for a response from His people when such warnings are given, so I began to ponder this word and believe God for a proper response and strategy to this alarming prophetic word.

John had mentioned in the Sid Roth interview that he believed the earthquake was connected with the dividing of Israel and that if the United Stated led the way in dividing Israel, our nation would be divided.

Obadiah 1:15 "The day is near when I, the Lord, will judge all godless nations. As you have done to Israel, so it will be done to you. All your evil deeds will fall back on your own head." The corresponding scripture is Genesis 12:3, "I will bless those who bless you (Israel), and I will curse him who curses you, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."

After counseling with Jim Chosa and other trusted friends. We believed the strategy of the Lord was to carry Israel first and foremost in our hearts and ask for mercy for her, and ask that those who would divide her to be divided, so they couldn’t execute any strategy to divide Israel.

At the same time we would repent for the deep divisions within the church and the divisions among the Messianic streams.

John Kilpatrick Word

The following is a prophetic word released by John Kilpatrick on the Elijah List. To view the word in its entirety, please click here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - Dream

"I awoke trembling and shaking at 5:00 in the morning after having a startling dream. This was one of the three most profound dreams that I have ever had during the ministry the LORD has called me to. I feel that this dream is an addendum to the vision I had on April 27, 2008.

"In this dream I saw the words 'wind and water.' I only saw the words but did not actually see any wind or water damage. I then found myself overlooking a river, which instantly became so wide that I could no longer see either of its banks.

"The dream then shifted, and I was with one of my parishioners running through what appeared to be an old abandoned schoolhouse. This empty building began to shake. The shaking was so violent and severe that it was like the bucking of a wild horse tossing us around. My teeth were clapping so hard from the impact that I tried to clench them to prevent this from happening.

"In this dream I knew I was experiencing a massive earthquake. The sounds were so catastrophic that the thought crossed my mind that the devastation could likely exceed Hurricane Katrina of 2005. I did not see the devastation behind me; I only heard it. In all of my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds. These were the scariest sounds I have ever heard.

"The dream then shifted once more and concluded with two names on what appeared to be an Old Spanish map. One name read Indianola and the other Europa. When I awoke, I was shaking as if I had chills and a fever. I could not stop trembling. All through the day I felt as if I had just had the dream 10 minutes ago.

"This dream so shook me that my wife and I immediately went to the Internet to do some research. I also contacted some close friends in the ministry and reliable intercessors concerning this dream. What we found was startling. There are towns called Indianola, IL; Europa, MO; and Indianola, MS. These towns run in a line from North to South with Europa, MO being near the middle of them. The Mississippi River runs between them with Europa, MO being by the epicenter of the New Madrid fault.

"After seeing this, I believe the dream could be concerning a devastating earthquake on the New Madrid fault. Many reputable friends in ministry have felt that this dream was not to be interpreted as a spiritual dream because they felt that it has literal implications. Even now the intensity of this dream is the same.

"I do not want to come across as an alarmist concerning what I saw. I also don't want to put fear in the public or the Body of Christ. However, I cannot help but feel that God gave me this as warning to prepare us for the days ahead and to pray concerning this matter.

"Please know that I did not see any timeframe as to when this may happen. Please pray with me concerning this vision and dream."

– John Kilpatrick

July 28, 2009

An intercessor in Southern Illinois had a dream in which the Lord said to him, ”Unless the church is AWAKE the earth will quake.” He then revealed to him three key cities concerning the quake. Each city had a name over it Memphis, TN “The Star Gate”, St. Louis, MO, “The Sound Gate”, and Chicago, IL “The Water Gate”.

On July 28 we had mobilized teams in six cities: Indianola, MS, Memphis, TN, Europa, MO, St. Louis, MO, Indianola, IL, and Chicago, IL to pray in unison concerning this dream and John’s vision.

We felt this was the initial stake in the ground with a journey from Europa, MO to Indianola, IL to soon follow.


We felt the Lord said if we triggered a 10.2 earthquake in the spirit we wouldn’t have to experience one in the natural.

Sallye Burton, respected prayer leader from Indiana had a dream in which she saw a massive earthquake with much death and destruction and Satan bent over laughing. She then heard a loud voice say, “No, this will not be, my intercessors are praying.”

Cindy Jacobs word to James Nesbit – September 18, 2009

“And the Lord says, you will take the sword of the Lord and cut the Leviathan spirit that stretches along the New Madrid fault, you have begun, but the Lord says that in the ground is the root of anti-Semitism and the, yeah, that’s it, that’s it! And the root of anti-Semitism is the root of the religious spirit that is stopping the move of God, so the Lord says I am putting the sword in your hand to cut asunder the anti-Semitic Spirit that lets that religious spirit live says the Lord!”


In early 1811, Tecumseh traveled to villages in the Midwest and the South, urging them to join the Shawnees in their quest to regain their property. He spoke to the Apaches, the Sioux Nation and the Alabama people. Many warriors joined his tribe, although they doubted they would succeed. One Alabama tribe who camped by the Mississippi held Tecumseh in contempt.

Snow fell early that year. The Shawnee Chief told the Alabamas that when he returned to his homeland in Detroit, he would stomp on the ground and their wigwams would tumble down. They treated him with mockery.

Tecumseh’s curse or, perhaps, prophecy, appeared to be fulfilled several weeks later.

On December 16th, the worst earthquake in US history stuck. Its epicenter was close to the Missouri town it was named after. Wigwams and homes Kansas City to Cincinnati were shaken. The earth inundated farms and towns. The loss of lives is unknown. Estimates varied from several hundred to thousands. The Mississippi River actually flowed backward swamping boats.

Some of the Alabamas believed Tecumseh stomped his feet making the earth shake while others thought he predicted the quake.

Dream of Tecumseh- October 5, 2009

The morning we began the journey while en route to Europa, MO we received word that an intercessor had a dream of Tecumseh earlier in the morning. Tecumseh had a python as a walking stick, his hands were controlling the snake’s jaws, and he had one hand controlling the upper jaw and the other hand controlling the lower. Tecumseh had extremely long curled toenails that were digging in and releasing poisonous venom into the ground.

Umbilical cord

Another intercessor had sent word that she had been praying over for several days that we were to cut umbilical cord. I had a sense that this was to do with the mound structures connected to any Mayan root system.

The U.S. is about to be inundated with catastrophe advertising concerning the movie 2012. We believe that a portion of this assignment was to disconnect any life-giving root so this movie would not have the impact intended with the release of fear and demonic agreement with a doomsday scenario.

Day 1 • October 5, 2009

Nesbit, MO

While researching Europa, MO we discovered a historic little community that once existed a few miles east of Europa. Nesbit had once had a store, a school and a church. While at a home-going recently I also discovered I have a cousin who presently live a mile from Europa.

We felt that we needed to visit Nesbit before going to Europa so that I could repent of any root issues my bloodlines may have deposited in that area.

This area is in a sparsely populated region several miles south of Kennett, MO, which is the hometown of singer Sheryl Crow.

As we arrived at a town close to where we thought Nesbit, MO was located, we asked the police and post office and no one had ever heard of a Nesbit, MO, yet Google said it existed.

Feeling the pressure of time, I felt we needed to press on to Europa, as we drew near to a garage I asked the driver to pull in, I wanted to ask one more person if they had ever heard of Nesbit, MO.

A very large man dressed in over-alls and blind in his left eye met me. He was an old-timer and when I asked about Nesbit, MO he said,

“O yeah, I used to live not far from there” and then he thought a minute and gave me very specific directions… “Go past where the black top turns, keep going straight, third road you come to make a left go… let me see? I believe that it is the second road you come to, make a right and it is back down that road, it’s been a long time.”

We followed his directions to the best of our ability and wound up a mile or so down a gravel road, three houses set at a cross road, one of the team members Dwayne Williams got out to ask where Nesbit was. When he returned he said, “We’re here! The store was there and the church was right over there.

Before we began this journey the Lord had instructed me that it was very important when we walked upon the land to be silent before Him and let the land speak to us.

We went to where the church was located got down on our knees and thanked God.

We presented ourselves to him and waited for the land to speak to us.

As I counseled with the team about what they had heard, Louise Mileur saw a black mother drawing her children close for fear of the KKK. Remember, our mandate was to uproot an anti-Semitic spirit from the land, which is the root of all racism. This led to deep repentance, we rejoiced greatly as we danced with the Lord in intercession.

We also repented of the treatment Tecumseh and his people received at the hands of our forefathers that would drive him to release bitter curses upon the land.

At each stop on this journey we would sever the connection between Leviathan, Jezebel, and Baal. We ended the season of intercession with communion, driving stakes, and releasing the sound of the shofar from Nesbit, MO.

Scriptures: 2 Chron. 7:14; Jer. 1:7-10, 8:22; Luke 3:9; Is. 27:1, 52:12; Gen. 1:27-28, 3:5

Europa, MO

Europa is located where the old-timer had said, where the blacktop turns… in the center of this intersection is a grassy triangle with a huge power pole in the middle. Louise had led the team of intercessors to Europa on July 28 but it was raining so hard the prayed just down the road at Lulu Baptist church, they were kind enough to give the team shelter from the storm.

Here we repented of the “Beast System” Europa being the name of the statue in front of the European Union of a woman riding a bull. Rev. 17:3

We felt that we wanted to drive a stake right at the base of the power pole and link all of the previous intercessions through the years to this point. We worshipped, prayed took communion, released the sound of the shofar, and staked that sucker.

Scriptures: Gen. 12:1-3; Is. 27:1; Rev. 18:1-24, 19:1

Sikeston, MO

We followed our trusty Google directions to Clayton Park and arrived at the intersection of streets where the park was supposed to be located, but it wasn’t there.

We wandered around town looking for the park and finally a police officer gave us correct directions.

When we arrived at a park of litter and disrepair, in the poor side on town, heaviness was in the air. Again we bowed low and repented of the anti-Semitic spirit, the root source of racism, and the religious spirit.

There was a very large tree that had been cut down to a stump. It reminded us very much of the stump of Daniel 4. We prayed and took communion and drove a stake at the base of the stump. We then moved to higher ground drove another stake, worshipped and released the sound of the shofar and resound to Israel.

Scriptures: Is. 1:9-11, 27:1; Ps. 85; Dan. 4

Cape Girardeau, MO

We prayed at the base of the floodwall in Cape Girardeau, standing on large granite pavers, in front of a large mural, which basically depicted the territory this journey would cover.

As we began to pray we received a phone call from team member Daniel Brown, who couldn’t join as he was taking care of his wonderful wife, Diane, who has been very ill. He had just gotten a dire report concerning her and needed intercession. This turned into another powerful season of intercession. The sound of the shofars echoed through the city.

Scriptures: Ez. 47, Is. 27:1, 53:1, 62:10, Zec. 4:4-7, 8:1-8, 8:20

Day 2 • October 6, 2009

Carbondale, Il

We gathered on this rainy morning under a pavilion at Turley Park on the western edge of the city. Intercessors from the region greeted us, and the intercession went very deep very quick! Our intercession focused on the education system on the image represented by the large serpent mound structure in Ohio. This structure depicts a serpent with an egg in its mouth.

Again, we addressed and severed the Leviathan, Jezebel, and Baal connections.

Scriptures: Hab. 2:14; Rev. 4; Is. 2:2, 9:2, 27:1-2; Jer. 51

Desoto, IL

From the beginning my question concerning the John Kilpatrick word was, why did God show him an Old Spanish map? I believe that the man for whom this town is named, Hernando de Soto, is the reason for the map. He was a ruthless, brutal murderer whose motivation was glory and greed as he led the first European expedition in our land.

I believe the blood he shed has been used by the enemy to plunge his hooks deep into this nation, and to have a city called by his name along the ley line between Europa, MO and Indianola, IL is curious indeed.

Desoto is a city with strip clubs at each end of town and a city known for lawlessness, as one of our team members who was looking for a home in that city several years ago was told by a realtor, Desoto has no African-American population.

We met at the city park under a pavilion and the concrete floor was cracked completely in two, which, to us, represented the fault line. There was much intercession here concerning the anti-Semitic spirit, racism, DeSoto, and the shedding of innocent blood.

My favorite moments at this meeting were the revelation that came forth as we gave instruction on the eternals trumping the everlasting in intercession, and because of our Eph. 2:6 position we can address the sin issues rooted in the land. Great light was among us.

Scriptures: Gen. 1:3; Is. 40:4, 45:2; Heb. 12; James 1:5

Ziegler, IL

Entering this town, which marked the half way point on this journey, brought back great memories of the meetings we had with Southern Illinois Intercessors in this city years ago in 2000-2002 as between eighty and a hundred people would travel from town to town repenting and crying for God to come.

Also waiting for us to arrive was faithful George Schalasky, I wrote of this one-of-a-kind man in the Mississippi Mercy report. He had started in Indianola, IL the same time our team began in Europa, MO and was traveling south as we were traveling north.

I chuckled as I saw him and made some wise comment about his uniqueness, but the Lord would later rebuke me sharply. George was a tremendous blessing at this gathering.

We met by a large drainage ditch, which again represented to us the New Madrid fault line. The strife had become so great in this city during the Coalmine strikes years ago that men armed with machine guns patrolled the roofs of buildings on the town square.

Cindy’s word to us, “You will take the sword of the Lord and cut the Leviathan spirit that stretches along the New Madrid fault” was major at every stop! It seems we would bow low repent, removing the infection in the land and then release blood-covered decrees which would bind the wound together, it was like we were suturing a giant wound.

At this particular site we took communion across the drainage ditch representing this suture.

Scriptures: Matt. 16:18, 2 Chron. 7:14

Rend Lake, IL

The most wonderful thing about prayer journeys are the glory-filled moments, the surprises of the Lord, there are moments when He so overwhelms you, there just aren’t words to describe. That is why trying to write a report about what you have just experienced is never sufficient and very, very hard - you really just have to be there. Oh my goodness, how great is our God!

This site we chose to pray at was beautiful Rend Lake - the 18,900 acres of water here is the water supply for 300,000 people and 60 communities in Southern Illinois.

As we drove through the park I was quickened in memory to a funeral that I did several years ago of a young mother of three who was found in her car at this lake barefoot and topless, with a hose running from the exhaust pipe into the car. It was ruled a suicide, but for those who knew her that just didn’t seem accurate.

So we continued to pray as we had through the journey that that thing hidden in darkness would be brought to light and that those hidden structures of the enemy would experience a 10.2 in the spirit.

It was then that the Lord overwhelmed us with intercessions, proclamations, declarations and decrees concerning His apostolic government in the land as we placed our staffs together which formed a prophetic picture that resembled poles of a tepee. It was one of those glorious times of sweet communion, bathed in revelation and grace you can never plan, we left in WOW!

Scriptures: Is. 9:2-9, 40:3; 2 Chron. 7:14; Lev. 18; Eph.4:12-16; Rev. 5:10; Ex. 19:6

Mount Vernon, Il

This is the town in which the K-3 school collected pennies from the children and placed them on the breastplate of a sculpture of a bull (so they would have ownership). This sculpture has a hole in its forehead that runs out its tail, where the light that passes through the hole will strike a marker on the ground which marks months placed out of order on the ground.

Positioned just behind the bull is an obelisk, with occult markings gathered from all over the world engraved into it, cut in half with a three-inch opening down the center, because it also serves as a sundial. As the out-of-order months continue to mark the way into the school, inside the school is a large brass ring with the phases of the moon stamped upon it. It is an elaborate altar to Baal funded with taxpayer money.

This is the town that, when founded, was so infested with snakes the settlers would have snake round-ups, they would overturn large rocks and find copperheads and rattlesnakes co-mingling.

The Lord had another wonderful surprise waiting for us. When Richard Tittle, who is the spiritual architect of ours, chose Veteran’s Park as our meeting place he had no idea what was in the park. He lives in New Jersey and just saw a map on the Internet and thought that would be the place for us to meet. That is the wonderful thing about Richard, he is so prophetic as he looks at these maps God just guides him to strategic places. We pray for thousands like him to be raised up!

As we arrived at the park it was dusk. There was a strange looking sculpture in the form of what looked like a weird flame, concrete in the middle with a huge piece of metal formed like a flame on each side - that caught my attention. What further caught my attention was the corn scattered around the base of the sculpture.

Located fifty yards or so behind the sculpture fourteen massive concrete pillars rose out of the ground, it looked like they must have been support pillars for a large auditorium that had since been buried, but the site had a Stonehenge feel to it.

After presenting ourselves before the Lord, we surrounded the strange-looking flame, took communion, released blood judgments against every dedication and attempt to govern this region with false light, poured our remaining communion at the base of this structure, and called for holy fire to be released throughout the land.

We then gathered in the center of the fourteen pillars, took our position as lightning rods of intercession, took out our trusty shovel and each of us began to uproot things as we made prophetic decrees, and we addressed occult structures throughout the nation from the heart of America. We are a peculiar people.

By this time it was very dark, it was time to give those fourteen pillars an assignment. The elements that make up those pillars had heard and witnessed these peculiar goings on. Have you ever heard of witness stones in scripture?

We had fourteen giants surrounding us, it was time for them to go to work, so we anointed the hands of two runners - one man and one woman. Remember our assignment was to deal with that anti-Semitic spirit - the root source of that is Genesis 3:5 as our faithful friend Jim Chosa has taught us. So if we are undoing something, we had be better redo something in proper order.

So our runners, Dwayne Williams and Mary Elliot, their hands dripping with oil entitled “The Watch of the Morning”, ran in a clockwise position reordering the day, as soon as they touched the second column a wind was loosed from the west and became a whirlwind as they ran from column to column calling these witnesses to order.

We then released the sound of fourteen shofar blasts ringing through the night so that these giants of witnesses could stand testifying to sounds of heaven coming to earth.

I have failed to mention, but at I believe every stop, we worshipped and made way for the sound of the 50 million to flood through the portals opened between heaven and earth. Those of you who were with us on Mississippi Mercy know of the sound in which we speak.

Scriptures: Ps. 148, 149

October 7, 2009

Flora, IL

On this cool, brisk morning we gathered atop a hill in Charlie Brown Park and presented ourselves before the Lord. Pastor Greg Shultz said he heard, “A line has been drawn in the sand.” It was then we noticed two lines running parallel with each other. It was as though something very heavy had made these indentations but they just ran about twenty feet and stopped, and we didn’t see any sign of them anywhere else.

Nevertheless we used them prophetically for our purposes. We repented of the divisions within the body; these lines represented to us the parallel streams in the body, spirit-filled and non-spirit-filled - it has appeared in the past that the twain shall never meet.

Again we took out our trusty shovel (The prophetic art for 5770 depicts this intercessory aspect of lightning rod intercession digging new wells and releasing the glory hidden in the earth very well). We began to dig and prophesy, one of the things that caught our attention was the sound of the Canadian geese - it was if they woke up while we were prophesying.

Scriptures: 2 Chron. 7:14; Is. 27:1, 51; Jos.24:14

Newton, IL

We met on a high place on the banks of the Embarrass River, which is actually right on the fault line as it runs through that area. Honor and proper alignment were the power points of intercession at this very strategic site.

Remember earlier I related to you the story of George Schalasky, who had started in Indianola, IL the same time out team began in Europa, MO and was traveling south as we were traveling north.

Remember, I chuckled as I saw him and made some wise comment about his uniqueness, and said the Lord would later rebuke me sharply. Well, George has a beautiful wife who is also an anointed dancer named Karen, she met us and I shared with her my error, and began to honor George. As I began to honor him tears began to flow and great compassion overwhelmed us all as we honored one another.

Somewhere in our moments caught up in the Spirit I asked Karen and George’s sister Eva to dance and war over the land, and war they did! My, my, you just had to have been there. Their pastor, John Monroe, and his lovely wife Ann had also come to meet us and the authority he carried in that territory so moved two of us that we had to speak about it. What a wonderful union in Newton!


Rev. 14:6-12; Gen. 3:5; Ps. 8:2, 32:8, 104; Is. 27:1;  Hos. 2:14-15

Charleston, IL

We met in a park atop a hill just off Division Street in Charleston, and again three watchmen from the region were waiting to meet us. The thing that caught my attention here was the rift in the land and what the Lord instructed me to do concerning it.

Pastor Greg began to read the mail of the territory and this spoke volumes to the watchmen who lived there and resonated to the accuracy of his words.

They then shared with us that the town used to be known for its sweet-tasting water, but when the state was looking for different cities in which to build the university many years ago it was a very dry season, so the leaders of the town had residents water their lawns to deceive the leaders into thinking water was plentiful. Now everyone complains about the taste of the water.

The university is a bastion of humanism and dead religion so the city has suffered the loss of living water coursing through its veins.

The Lord had me lay in the rift as Elijah had laid upon the dead boy and we began to prophesy Ezekiel 37 into the rift, and blow our shofars into the rift. We then stood up, called the women to the center and the men surrounded them, we then released the sounds of heaven as the Lord had taught us to do on the Mississippi Mercy journey.

Here he said that the angels who had been assigned to each of those babies (eternal souls), rode upon the winds of the worship with flaming swords of awakening light, and the sounds of this moment were incredible.

Scriptures: Is. 27:1; Ez. 37

Indianola, IL

We met at the base of the water tower located in a playground in the middle of this small town. Cheryl Weaver and company, a warring band of AGLOW-trained intercessors, met us here. I love ‘em! Cheryl and team had held position at this site on July 28.

Cheryl had been burdened all day with a spirit of loss that was over the land. Myron Filkens concurred; he experienced that same thing as we entered this area. We prayed through this revelation and began to tie the many moments of the past three days together.

Our intercessions concluded with the digging of fourteen holes although there were only thirteen of us, I felt we were to dig fourteen. Myron had some sunflower seeds Mississippi Mercy team member Anne Crane had given him and felt we needed to plant them here representing righteousness springing from the ground.

We placed the seeds in the ground, received communion together, and for the first time of the journey, drove three stakes in the ground as Cheryl had brought one, Greg had been driving one at each stop, and so had we.

As I was going around the circle asking if everyone was clear and felt a full release of what we were assigned to accomplish, a large man, blind in his right eye and a with a large white beard walked up. I asked if he had anything that he wanted to pray and his response was that he was new to this kind of praying but had driven all the way from Centralia, Illinois, which is several hours away to take part.

Cheryl Weaver burst out he is the fourteenth person, the reason for fourteen holes! So we had him place seed in the ground as well.

The journey had began in Nesbit, MO with a large man blind in his left eye giving specific direction to help us find our way, and ended in Indianola, IL with a large, kind man blind in his right eye placing the last seed in the ground, We then sealed this assignment through the power of the Blood, the Eternal word, and the Holy Spirit.

Now I don’t really know what is up with all of that, but I have just been overwhelmed with something wonderful as I type these last few lines.

Scriptures: Gen. 3:5; 2 Chron. 7:14; Hos. 10:2

In Closing

Hebrews 12:22-29 states the following:

But ye are come unto mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,
To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, 
And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel. 
See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven: 
Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. 
And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. 
Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: 
For our God is a consuming fire. (KJV)

We are well aware that our God, whom we serve, can shake anything He wants, when He wants. The purpose of this journey was to see to it that it is God alone who does the shaking and dividing, and not some devil using some legal access of a bitter curse to bring destruction and loss on the people of our land. For we know also that the thief comes not but to kill, steal, and destroy.

We know that Father has heard our prayer; we believe that the prayers released along the New Madrid fault line are causing a 10.2 among antichrist structures throughout the land! We bless you, Israel, and pray for your peace, Jerusalem.

Respectfully submitted, New Madrid Mercy Team

James Nesbit, Stan Pratt, Myron Filkens, Dwayne Williams, Louise Mileur, Richard Tittle, Tom Tottleben and Timothy O'Rourke

And special thanks to all those not mentioned here but covered us with intercession.

Report Written by James Nesbit

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